Sustainable, it means the world to us

Sustainable agriculture is the ability to grow food without compromising the world’s capacity to continue producing for future generations.
We are committed to growing in a renewing and circular way, protecting and preserving the earth’s capacity to continue providing for us all.

The direct consequences of human interaction with Nature in the last 100 years has posed serious threats to life on this planet. More than ever in human history, the future of the next
generations and of our entire planet depends on the decisions
that we make today. Our actions and omissions will inevitably
affect the lives of our children and the natural environment they will inhabit. Our responsibility is beyond our own future; it is with the survival of our planet and all species that inhabit it.

Economic growth has been associated to the need to conquer
Nature and exploit its natural resources. Any impact on the environment were externalities outside the scope of the business’ concern. This approach implied a negative-sum game where we looked to take away from Nature at a devastating cost to all.

At Tropical Organic Growers we engage with Nature in a symbiotic way, developing a balanced relationship of mutual nurturing. We look to establish a permanent on-going connection, where we learn from it and adapt to how it reacts.

This is a humble approach to interacting with Nature, where we recognize the Earth’s prodigious source of infinite abundance in a sustainable ecosystem.