Always there

Growing organic bananas as a service

We ensure dedicated service, innovation initiatives and value creation:

We are a customer-focused company, who wants to bring the best product and service to our customers. Our ultimate commercial objective is to satisfy the most demanding consumers with the highest quality, sustainable organic bananas.

What we offer to our
business partners:

  • Open door farms and operations.
  • Consumer marketing oriented.
  • Quick & direct response.
  • Key Account Manager assigned.
  • Comprehensive traceability.
  • Detailed volume forecast overwiew.
  • Smart financial alternatives.
  • Top industry quality standar.
  • Food safety.
  • Absolut fair price.

Our mission: help revitalize
the organic banana industry

With our constant presence in the US market…

Retailers value suppliers that can give heads up on news, trends and innovations.

This can be as simple as promotions, coupons, new presentations (13kg box) , health tips, category merchandising, eye-catching displays, sampling, etc.

Educating consumers
Many times consumers need education on the produce quality and characteristics, retailers’ value this greatly.

Educate store employers
Retailers look for suppliers that can help store employers learn and understand the produce better.

Strategic partnership with suppliers
who can understand that promotions,
seasonality, eye-catching displays, sampling, etc are good ways to increase sales. Suppliers must be committed.

Revolution by the packaging
Our 13kg solution:

  • Easier to handle by store personnel.
  • Less waste at retail due to better rotation.
  • Optimizes shelf space in store.
  • Distinctive presentation to customer eye.


  • ILS Disney product lines
  • Seasonal PLUs
  • Eastern (+cause)
  • Back to school (+cause)
  • Hearths day (+
  • Pink sticker
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Supplementary packaged foods (by business processing partners)
  • Merchandising store (PLU redeemable code)

Seasonal supportive eco
friendly stickers

Sustainability facts card

Customized Carbon Footprint sheet from origin to your Point of Sale.