Our ranchos

Where this beauty come from?

Mexico, an organic
tropical fruit paradise

Tropical fruits in general require substantial amounts of water to grow. Tropical areas have abundant annual rainfall to produce such fruits. However, these extremely humid areas are also perfect environments to various fruit diseases, highly difficult to combat in an organic way. Conventional fruit production relies on the use of chemicals to combat such diseases. However, organic
production does not allow for the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, so a correct location is critical for sucess.

By establishing our farms in a sub-tropical region with optimal climatic conditions for organic production, we achieve a more sustainable and low–input production system. Growing organic bananas in less humid conditions allows us to substantially eliminate the use of non–biological controls, thus reaching the highest sustainability standards.

Nested just outside the traditional tropical belt, Mexico combines unparalleled conditions to grow high quality organic produce, with the perfect natural conditions for organically grown bananas.

Since 2014 we have proudly achieved the highest standards of quality, recognized by the most demanding certificates; USDA Organic NOP, EU Organic, Japan Organic JAS, Mexico Organic, Global GAP certified for best agricultural practices, Rainforest Alliance for sustainable agriculture.

Our production base is located in Colima on Mexico’s
Pacific shore, where the best conditions to grow
tropical fruits can be found.

By the end of 2020, we have reached important milestones:

operating farms
organic certified hectares
sq ft of cold storage facilities
million boxes

Fastes to arrive

Being the closest organic banana plantation to the US market allows us to offer the fastest, lowest carbon footprint product for you. We are a 24-hour drive away from the US border, and on a 24-hour watch ready to serve you.

Our heritage