Organic, it’s in our nature

Growing organically is the ultimate commitment to a clean, sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Organic represents an oath to respect our natural environment by eliminating synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, that can contaminate both the soil and the underground aquifers. Organic farming looks to preserve soil fertility and biological diversity in a self-encompassed holistic production management ecosystem.  

At Tropical Organic Growers we believe organic farming is a healing process to bring back a balanced agricultural activity to the world. We understand it comes at a higher production cost than conventional production, but we believe nature and the environment deserve it. They’ve given us much so far, it’s our time to give back.

Tropical fruits in general require substantial amounts of water to grow. Tropical areas have abundant annual rainfall to produce  such fruits. But, these extremely humid areas are also perfect environments to various fruit diseases, highly difficult to combat in an organic way. Conventional fruit production benefits from the use of chemicals to combat such diseases. However, organic production does not allow for the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Growing organic bananas in less humid conditions allows us to substantially eliminate the use of non–biological controls. Reaching the highest sustainability standards.

By establishing our farms in a sub-tropical region with optimal climatic conditions for organic production, we achieve a more sustainablelow–input production system. We are the only mexican organic banana growing company proudly certified by Control Union, the most trustable certification firm in the world.

Top benefits of our organic production method:

  • Sustainable clean agricultural practices.
  • Non-GMO production (ícono planting).
  • No synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides used.
  • healthier conditions for our workers, consumers, and environment.
  • Eliminate the use of urea (a powerful greenhouse effect gas used extensively in agriculture).
  • Reincorporate organic matter to enrich the soil.