Beyond fairness

We care for each other

There is a mistaken belief that growing companies have an incentive to pay the lowest possible salaries to farm workers. And that other stakeholders of the supply chain are the only active ones in providing a better living for farm workers. That is a fallacy. No one values the effort of farm workers more than growing companies.

We, as a growing company, have an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of professional integrity and work ethics. We walk the talk by distributing 10% of our profits with all our farm workers, every year. We are proud to say that our workforce has among the highest wages and benefits in Mexican agriculture as well as in the global banana industry.

It’s also fair to say that banana is the only fruit whose price has not risen in over 10 years. Fairness is also a fair price, not only a fair wage.You will find more than just the best quality organic bananas inside our boxes.