Beyond a team, we are family…

As a family-team, each one of us brings something unique to the table, we combine individual efforts, based on a common goal, to enhance collective results.
Our family-team take direct responsibility over our integrated supply chain approach, that delivers the product from field to retail, assuring no intermediation is required,  guaranteeing product food safety throughout the process.

Planting & Growing

Non GMO planting, organic fertilizing,
hi-tech targeted irrigation systems,
and biological pest control.

Harvest & Packing

Assisted harvesting, quality control assurance, eco packaging.

Logistics & Services

Cold storage management, freight management, comprehensive traceability and dedicated services.

Our core ethos is to take a direct involvement to labor and social responsibility to our community.

We all work with passion, into a truly unique working environment:

We offer all this perks and benefits to all our employees:

  • 100% direct contracts.
  • Profit sharing program.
  • Education and training for safety.
  • Health and wellness program extended to family.
  • Transportation.
  • Medical & food services.