Water conservation

Every drop counts

Water is an essential element of life; no life can flourish without it.

Agriculture is responsible for 70% of world freshwater consumption. There is an increasing pressure on the correct use of water in agriculture, particularly in water stressed regions. Proper water usage should be a global concern.  

Despite being in a water rich region, we use drip irrigation to make the most efficient use of water. While traditional irrigating methods have a 30% efficiency in the use of water, drip irrigation allows for a 95% efficiency in the use of the scarce resource.

Less water also means less humidity, therefore less need to fight back diseases and a healthier natural environment. It also means organic matter on the soil is not washed away by excess water, thus a richer microbiological environment and more sustainable conditions.

By managing water consciously, we allow for a more resource efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable production process.