What drives us to do things
the way we do

Since 2014 we have proudly achieved the highest standards of quality, recognized by the most demanding certificates; USDA Organic NOP, EU Organic, Japan Organic JAS, Mexico Organic, Global GAP certified for best agricultural practices, and Rainforest Alliance for sustainable agriculture.

Our bananas meet the highest standards in the world, emcompassed in our "Beyond Fairness for Workers" principle, environmental low-impact, and food safety.

EU organic standard

We have proudly achieved the EU Organic Certification, whichmeans that our produce is in full conformity with the conditionsand regulations for the organic farming sector established bythe European Union: best environmental practices, a high levelof biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources.

Thanks to our top class labour conditions, we were certified by the International Labour Organization with the ILS (International Labour Standards) required by Disney Company, becoming the first licenced fresh produce company in Mexico to achieve such distinction.