On the ground

Straight from the source

When you purchase our fruit, you are getting organic bananas directly from those that grow it, no intermediaries involved. This is the fruit of our effort; we work the fields from sunrise to sunset to bring you the best quality organic produce.

This is our story, these are our farms, we are the growers.

We are inspired by a simple yet powerful idea; to grow the highest quality organic bananas in Mexico, following the principles of sustainable agriculture.

We integrate the supply chain from field to retail to bring to you the best produce straight from the source.

Being your neighbor supplier: is a perfect win!

  • Beyond the lowest environmental impact of 50 to 60% reduced carbon footprint by sea shipping…
  • Fastest to arrive.
  • Freshest fruit.
  • Superior quality.
  • Consistent supply.
  • Seasonality.

There are many aspects of quality to a product. Markets for suppliers who can deliver the best possible, distinctive produce quality.

Visual beauty is very important for produce, as well as a product that ripens correctly and holds well on shelves for a longer time.

Suppliers must deliver their produce in a consistent
and reliable way. One-time deliveries, no matter how
good the produce quality may be, are not acceptable.

Retailers many times struggle to get consistent
supply from direct suppliers.

Retailers see in seasonality an opportunity to bring novelties to consumers.

Superior quality

We are proud of all the effort that goes into growing our organic bananas. Ideal climatic conditions, top-notch technology, state of the arts facilities and one of the most talented and knowledgeable teams in the world, make up the best combination to guarantee a superior quality product.

Fresh fruit

Being the most northern organic banana production regionin the world, we are close enough to the main consumption markets (Europe, US, Asia) to guarantee fresh fruit all year round.

Consistent supply

We understand that a consistent supply is a reliable partner. We offer year-round availability of top-quality fruit to ensure you can do the same with your customers. Operations: Our team on the ground is dedicated to ensure that the operation runs as smoothly as possible, from field to packing.


Our team on the ground is dedicated to ensure that the operation runs as smoothly as possible, from field to packing.