Our story

We are a purpose driven and environmentally conscious entrepreneurial organization, with a simple yet powerful motivation; to improve lives with organic produce and  support Nature with sustainable practices. We have an uncompromising commitment to making this a better world for all its inhabitants.

Our efforts are centered around a set of inspiring core values that define us

Nature conscious

Farming is facing an ethical challenge; to increase food production to feed the world’s growing population, while preserving its natural resources. We are committed to this purpose by challenging the traditional production methods and adopting technological advances that allow for the most efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable production techniques.


We have an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of professional integrity and work ethics. Each one of us brings something unique to the table, we combine individual efforts, based on a common goal, to enhanced collective results.

Market driven

Our ultimate commercial objective is to satisfy the most demanding consumers with the highest quality fruits. We are market -focused growers, who want to share with the market what we do and get consistent feedback to improve how we do it. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering the highest quality organic tropical fruit available in the market.

Throughout our story

The banana world was so boring
- We found in Mexico an organic paradise, and a nurturing land for our dream

- Entrepreneurs became growers and growers became entrepreneurs
- We established ourselves in a historical ground and became a community leader

- We nurtured the first generation of baby banana plants into fully productive plants

- Our first sprinkle sprinkled and Rancho Tango was inaugurated
- We got certified as organic production for US, EU and Japan!

- Even the strongest hurricane recorded in history couldn't stop our dream

- Our first export shipment arrived to market!
- We got Rainforest Alliance certified and followed the frog!

- We entered the play and started selling to the most demanding market in USA!
- We started our grower's network helping other producers to export their fruit

- We opened our cold storage and integrated one step forward into our service model
- We produced our 1st million box!

- We learned to speak Japanese and started shipping to the Far East!

- We were endorsed by Mickey Mouse with the International Labuour Standar.
- We produced our 2nd million box harvesting the efforts of our great family!

- We celebrated our 5th anniversary to great expectations for the future!

- We surfed the Covid wave, manage to keep all our employees and continue operations
- We redefined our purpose and mission facing a brigth future together